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Shadows of Fog (2023)

Knee-deep in grief, debating her future, and thinking about making a huge life change, Emma Campbell comes face to face with a ghost from her grandmother Nellie’s past. A ghost that leads her to the seaside town of Digby, Nova Scotia. A place where family secrets are buried and the answers to her questions only seem to lead down ever-darkening paths.

Who is the ghost haunting her? 

When Emma learns a startling secret, she’s led to believe the ghost is someone closer than she could have imagined, yet someone she never knew existed. Her grandmother’s death and this strange otherworldly visitor are no coincidence, but the identity of the ghost remains a secret…

It’ll take all of Emma’s wits to uncover the truth. And what she learns will devastate her family, rock the town, risk her life and others, and force Emma to come face to face with her family’s darkest chapter. Some grudges are never let go, some actions are unforgivable, and time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Some people will kill to keep their secrets…

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What other readers are saying...


"A well-written thriller."
"Captivating.  Evocative. Haunting."
"Edge of the seat suspense."


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